Determining Cellular Tower Leasing Rates


The cellular tower is tall steel structures that are installed in a specific geographical area to boost the company cellular network in that region.    The number of a cellular tower placed in a region depends on the cellular company several objectives.  Many communication firms hire the location they intend to install the structure  The payments are usually are usually made according to the company terms of payment or through the arrangement of the company and the landowner  In some situation, the landowner is paid very little money due to their ignorance.  In order to get the most out of the cellular tower, there are some activities that the landowner have to do before making an agreement with cellular tower company.

Find existing tower Cellular tower site in the area. Cellular tower leasing rates are almost the same in a region. The the client should inquire the amount being made by the cellular company per month to the landowner.  The client should be more concern about the landowner of the same company that consulted his/her since payment vary among the cellular companies   This will be used to realize the tower lease expected.

Looking for cellular tower leasing consultant.  Tower attorney is experienced in the field  Consultant can estimate the amount the landowner is expected to be paid.   They should able to come out with other factors into consideration such as the next places where the tower can be installed in the area.  An the honest and skilled consultant will help to figure out.  The consultant should be knowledgeable with respect to the procedures involved in coming up with the term of payment   The attorney should also visit the land of their client so that they will be in a position to give reliable advice concerning the the tower ratesThat will help the landlord to access the stated amount at the right time.

Evaluate available alternatives.  When coming up with the site for the cellular tower, the firm may realize severally suitable locations.  As a landowner, you should consider the preference of your location over other.   The landlord should be making arrangement to demand a higher pay in a case where the land suitability for the installation of the cellular tower is high.  In a detailed quest for knowledge, the landowner may consult the landowner about the amount expected for installing a tower in the region. For further details regarding cellular tower renting, go to

Evaluate the cellular tower size.  Large towers attract large amount of Tower Leases while smaller towers attract lower rates  The consultant of choice should tell their client the amount of tower lease expected based on each size of the tower to be constructed.


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